Author: michatah

  • It’s been a while!

    Shortly after my last post I got a contract position as a junior graphic designer at Rubicon Publishing. I started work on July 2nd 2014 and my contract ended on January 16th this year! I was hired as a designer for the series Trickster Tales. It was a great experience with a quick paced workflow…

  • Creative Weekly Recap!

    Over the past few months I’ve been participating in a secret group called “Creative Weekly”. In this group there is a deadline set for 8 pm every Wednesday. We have to complete a project or drawing for that deadline every week. This week marks the end of the 3 month chunk and we were tasked…

  • Updating!

    I’m changing my layout and updating my site! It should be looking much better soon!

  • Modelling and Texturing!

    So I’ve been spending the last few months learning 3DS max! I’ve modelled a few objects including a box, a crate, a barrel, a dumpster and a lamp post. As of yet I’ve only textured one of those objects and that’s the lamp post! I had fun learning to unwrap the object and create a…

  • Merry Christmas!

    I’ll be back on the 26th, I’m going to spend time with my family this Christmas. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with their family and friends! Here are two Christmas cards I created for my family!

  • The Ice Storm

    So today was a bit hectic. We had a huge ice storm sweep through the area overnight. Everything was mostly okay till around 2 pm today when our power went out. Shortly after we lost power a large branch fell from the tree in our backyard. It smashed a corner of our roof and wrecked…

  • Sketches and Doodles!

    I’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft lately and I’ve gotten the chance to play on a great server with great people! Here are some sketches from the past few weeks all related to the role play that’s been going on there!    

  • I’m away for a bit!

    Just letting everyone know that I’ll be up in Kanata for the next two weeks! I don’t really have any of my digital tools up here but I’ll be more than likely working on traditional paintings while I’m up here. I’ll be back sometime on the weekend of the 1st of December! See ya then!

  • Sorry about that!

    There was a span of about a week where my website was down because my host was moving. But everything is back up and running and now I can finally work on those updates I had planned to do! Stick with me while I fiddle with layouts.