It’s been a while!

Shortly after my last post I got a contract position as a junior graphic designer at Rubicon Publishing. I started work on July 2nd 2014 and my contract ended on January 16th this year! I was hired as a designer for the series Trickster Tales. It was a great experience with a quick paced workflow that kept me busy each day.

Since my contract expired I’ve been organizing myself and trying to get my portfolio updated. Unfortunately this is taking longer than I would like. Those six months spent working on Trickster Tales really drained me and I didn’t work on many personal pieces during that time. Most of what I did work on were doodles, or half started projects.

Ideally I’d like to completely rework my portfolio, but I know this will take some time. If you’d like more frequent updates from me including works in progress and doodles, I’m quite active on my sketch blog.

The Ice Storm

Wrecked porch

So today was a bit hectic. We had a huge ice storm sweep through the area overnight. Everything was mostly okay till around 2 pm today when our power went out. Shortly after we lost power a large branch fell from the tree in our backyard. It smashed a corner of our roof and wrecked our small back porch. I have more images but unfortunately I’m having trouble uploading them to my site. I’ll edit this post when I get it working!

Grad Show!

The last few days have been such a whirlwind! Wednesday we set up for the Illustration 2013 grad show.

Image of my Grad Board Set Up

Thursday was the opening night for the Grad Show! It was incredible! Apparently we had around 800 people show up. The place was packed. I spent the night hanging around near my board so I could talk to people who were interested in my work. I got a lot of great comments and quite a few questions and I was happy to answer all of them. By the end of the night I was so tired. I’m glad I stayed in the Gladstone hotel rather than trying to commute back to Hamilton that night. The next day we had a wrap up class before the show opened on Friday. It was a great pep talk and reassurance that this grad show doesn’t mean the end, its just a beginning.

Friday was the final night of the grad show. That was the day when all my family and friends who couldn’t make it on the Thursday came. I feel so blessed to have so much support and I was so happy to see everyone.

Now it’s summer and I have to start finding jobs. I’m really excited for the opportunities that may arise from the show and I’m excited to see what happens next! Congratulations to all the 2013 illustration graduates! We did it!