It’s been a while!

Shortly after my last post I got a contract position as a junior graphic designer at Rubicon Publishing. I started work on July 2nd 2014 and my contract ended on January 16th this year! I was hired as a designer for the series Trickster Tales. It was a great experience with a quick paced workflow that kept me busy each day.

Since my contract expired I’ve been organizing myself and trying to get my portfolio updated. Unfortunately this is taking longer than I would like. Those six months spent working on Trickster Tales really drained me and I didn’t work on many personal pieces during that time. Most of what I did work on were doodles, or half started projects.

Ideally I’d like to completely rework my portfolio, but I know this will take some time. If you’d like more frequent updates from me including works in progress and doodles, I’m quite active on my sketch blog.


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