Creative Weekly Recap!

Creative Weekly Recap

Over the past few months I’ve been participating in a secret group called “Creative Weekly”. In this group there is a deadline set for 8 pm every Wednesday. We have to complete a project or drawing for that deadline every week. This week marks the end of the 3 month chunk and we were tasked with reflecting on the past 3 months. I plan to post my finished images in a larger format over the next few days.


Creative Weekly Reflection

This art group has been a huge encouragement for keeping on time and keeping me drawing each week. Thanks to this group I’ve had a deadline set each week for a project which keeps me on my toes. It’s also been a great way to brush up on how to critique others and my own work. It’s given my critical eye practise and helped me pick up the vocabulary of art once again. It really reminds me of being in class together which I’ve really missed.

Two weeks into January was when I joined Creative Weekly! I decided to push myself and tried to finish a painting that first week. I wasn’t successful but I made a lot of progress. I also created my reference sheets for my minecraft roleplay character. It was great to get feedback on both the projects I was working on as I would come back to them later and fix them up.

February was a bit strange for me. I played with my “lineart” style of drawing this month. I tried my hand at redrawing some old images and started another new project. It was a lot of character exploration this month and a lot of sketches. I didn’t really finish any of my big projects but I did get a lot of work accomplished.

March found me finishing a few projects as well as completing a lot more sketches. I also started another new project. I was continuing to explore my roleplay character. I also did a couple of speed paints. I finished one of the projects I had started at the beginning of creative weekly while working on a bunch of other things.

Overall I feel like I’ve been struggling to finish my larger projects. I noticed I started a lot of new things but every time I started something larger I would lose interest partway through. I’d struggle to decide how to finish the image. I guess this is something I’m going to have to continue to work on. I spent a lot of time these past few months trying to improve my weaknesses. I worked really hard at drawing people (which I still need to practise) and I tried to finish a few paintings. I also worked with a bit of perspective and character design. I think in the next rounds I’m going to have to keep practising with my weaknesses. I’m also going to work towards finishing my larger pieces.

Modelling and Texturing!

So I’ve been spending the last few months learning 3DS max! I’ve modelled a few objects including a box, a crate, a barrel, a dumpster and a lamp post.

As of yet I’ve only textured one of those objects and that’s the lamp post! I had fun learning to unwrap the object and create a neat looking texture. So here’s the final result!

Lamp Post


I’m not sure what I’ll model next. I might model a character to try something more complex!


I’ve been busy applying for jobs and playing video games for the past while!

I dove into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and the just released update for Terraria. I’ve also been dabbling around in Minecraft! In other words I haven’t done too much art (bad Michelle, you should do more art *slaps wrist*). I do however have a few sketches and ideas I’ve been playing around with.

Digital Doodles

We’ve got an alien species/weird creature on the left. I figured there would be variations in body types and lengths of limbs. Also the taller the crest on the individual the more intelligence it focused on. (I’m not sure I’ll keep that, I might turn it into a decorative head dress or just a cosmetic thing) Then there are some little doodles on the right that started as scribbles and turned into a bird with headphones, a bird with a fancy helmet, and another odd creature. There’s also a very sad creature in the bottom left that I drew when I wasn’t feeling so great about job hunting. I’m keeping a more positive attitude about it now, I’ll find something that fits me eventually!


Here are a few sketches of monster heads from my sketchbook. I used the same method of throwing down a scribble and seeing what I could make of it.

The Result!

The result of my 2.5 hour live stream! A concept for the cover of a children’s book based around my salamander character Pawg. Do I have anything figured out for this? No not really. But writing a book about Pawg is one of my projects! I figured since Pawg has been with me throughout college and has become a character I fall back on that I should write about him.

I have two cover concepts that vary in composition. I plan on finishing one of these two, once I figure out which composition works better.
I’ll be glad to hear any advice or pointers.

Variation 2 Variation 1

I’ve been kinda busy with a Day Camp!

For the past five weeks I have been in charge of organizing and running a day camp held at my church. As part of a team of five other people I have helped organize, set up, decorate, and run a day camp for kids between the ages of 4-10. I have been mostly in charge of setting up the craft activities and drawing/creating decorations for each theme week.

Since I’ve been so busy I haven’t really had time to draw (outside of drawing for the camp) but the other day there was a lull in activities so I was able to doodle something!


The perspective is a bit wonky but I still like him. This was a pen sketch that I touched up in Photoshop! I’ll be posting some of the decorations I created for the camp soon!