I’ve been busy applying for jobs and playing video games for the past while!

I dove into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and the just released update for Terraria. I’ve also been dabbling around in Minecraft! In other words I haven’t done too much art (bad Michelle, you should do more art *slaps wrist*). I do however have a few sketches and ideas I’ve been playing around with.

Digital Doodles

We’ve got an alien species/weird creature on the left. I figured there would be variations in body types and lengths of limbs. Also the taller the crest on the individual the more intelligence it focused on. (I’m not sure I’ll keep that, I might turn it into a decorative head dress or just a cosmetic thing) Then there are some little doodles on the right that started as scribbles and turned into a bird with headphones, a bird with a fancy helmet, and another odd creature. There’s also a very sad creature in the bottom left that I drew when I wasn’t feeling so great about job hunting. I’m keeping a more positive attitude about it now, I’ll find something that fits me eventually!


Here are a few sketches of monster heads from my sketchbook. I used the same method of throwing down a scribble and seeing what I could make of it.

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